Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gray skies are gonna clear up...

You see, the title is funny because my last name is Gray. Just thought i should point that out. In regards to the context, if you've been following me you know I been kinda laz-ar. Haven't got anything done since I got back from training and I was trying to justify being lazy with the hard times I had in basic and AIT. That's over and I have no excuse to sit around the house. I finally left the house to day and got a lot accomplished. Well things in the making to get accomplished. I put in applications at a bunch of jobs, signed up for financial aid for college, and I cleaned my room. Things are gonna get better and I just gotta roll with the punches.


  1. Great song, i'm also in your position, been kinda lazy lately. Needed a kick in the ass to get moving, starting p90x really helped that. Got my college stuff done also, I forgot how nice it was to get out and move around

  2. I hope everything goes well for you.

  3. Nice song, also hoping you're gonna make more entries in the future